NFRT Collection: Furniture & Accessories Inspired by Ancient Egypt

Nfrt is a Furniture & Accessories collection inspired by objects from the ancient Egyptian civilization. The collection seeks to offer contemporary luxury products with a strong Egyptian identity. The name of the collection “Nfrt” is the Egyptian hieroglyph adjective for good, pleasant, & beautiful.

The chosen objects were virtually modeled & subjected to a deductive 3D polygonal optimization to generate abstract versions of the objects. The anatomy of the collection objects, intentionally bears a resemblance to their ancestor objects to evoke the wonder and awe associated with the Ancient Egyptians.

The collection is of 7 items, covering a range of Home Furniture items and accessories. Colors and materials were chosen to reflect the Ancient Egyptian Heritage: Brass, White and black glossy ceramics, and red velvet for the furniture.

The project started in April 2019, as a design exploration. It was showcased in Cairo Design Awards, 2019 edition last November, and the World Youth Forum in December. It received coverage from El beit Magazine, in it’s January 2020 Issue.

El Beit Magazine Coverage of NFRT Collection

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