El Beit Magazine 20th Anniversary Celebration Cover Design

I was invited by El Beit Magazine, among many talented Egyptian designers, to design variant covers celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.

This was my design, as published in August issue of El Beit. The design is derived from the Architecture of Cairo, the design uses a poem by the acclaimed Tunisian poet Aboul-Qacem Echebbi, about Houses of inspiration.

بيتٌ بَنَتْهُ ليَ الحَيَاةُ من الشَّذَى والظِّلِّ والأَضواءِ والأَنغامِ
بيتٌ من السِّحْرِ الجميلِ مشَيَّدٌ للحبِّ والأَحلامِ والإلهامِ
في الغابِ سِحْرٌ رائعٌ متجدِّدٌ باقٍ على الأَيَّامِ والأَعوامِ


I chose to design it in Kufi calligraphy, because of it’s long heritage and association with Cairian architecture, and also because its abstract geometric forms are the closest to contemporary/minimalist design methodologies.

The colors started from a color grade derived from the colors of Cairo architecture, and was manipulated using a series of transformations to reach a contemporary color scheme.

Thanks to el Beit Chief editor Sawsan Morad Ezz for inviting me to take part of such a creative celebration.

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