Design: Sheikh Zayed Mosque, 6th of October

Co-designed with Arch. Mohamed Amer, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque attempts to blend the Islamic Heritage with contemporary design inspirations, making use of huge glass surfaces to channel natural light inside the prayer hall.


After a decade from our first collaboration on the Grand Hassan Sharbatly Mosque in New Cairo, Arch. Amer approached me in 2015, for a second collaboration, also on a mosque, this time in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October.


The Plan is derived from the Islamic Octagram (Eight-Pointed Star) known as the Rub el Hizb, is an Islamic symbol, represented as two overlapping squares. It is a feature derived directly from the holy Qur’an.




The star is utilized as a form generator, thus it’s main body is used as prayer halls, and the 8 surrounding triangles are utilized to house the mosque’s other functions: various
entrances, washing rooms, storage, and the Imam’s quarters.

The strong angles of the form spills out and continues as form generator in the landscape, thus providing the project with a strong sense of unity, and a flow between indoor and outdoor.


Project name: Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Unnamed yet)
Location: 6th of October City, Cairo
Status: Under Construction
Project Area: approx. 1400 m2

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