Breakfast with the Superheroes

Breakfast with Superheroes Mural

A Graffiti mural commission artwork for the multinational marketing research company, Kantar TNS new head quarters, located in Downtown Mall New Cairo.

Side Graffiti Pieces

The concept behind the graffiti is “Breakfast with the Superheroes”, because the graffiti mural is located in the office breakout/cafe area.

This artwork is the result of collaboration with Artist Andrew Henry, who provided the artwork for our concept.

justice x avengfinfino
Line Sketch and Colored version by Andrew Henry

The main mural is 7.5×1.5 meters, and the side ones are 1×1 meter each.


Client: Kantar TNS
Concept: Mohamed Radwan
Sketches: Andrew Henry
Application: Mohamed Radwan & Ahmed Soliman
Project Contractor: 5 Degrees

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