Review: Culture and Environment by Irwin Altman, Chapter 4

An onscreen presentation of the review of Irwin Altman’s Privacy Theory, as presented in chapter 4 of in his acclaimed 1980 book  “Culture and Environment“.

The presentation was prepared within my Masters program at Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST), during the course “Environment and Behavior: applications in architecture and urban design”, and presented to Dr. Manal Abou El Ela and Dr. Heba Safey El Deen.

Irwin Altman, is a social psychologist who is active in many groups and associations including the International Association of Applied Psychology, American Psychological Association, American, Environmental Design Research Association, and the Western Psychological Association. He is currently an emeritus faculty member at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Culture and Environment is a provocative analysis of the complex relationship between people and their environments from a cross-cultural perspective. Drawing on work in anthropology, psychology, sociology, geography, architecture and urban planning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Download Pdf version: Altman’s Privacy

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