Review: A Companion to Feminist Geography, Chapter 17

An onscreen presentation of the review of Tovi Fenster’s Gendered Belonging Theory, as presented in chapter 17 of in the 2005 book  “A Companion to Feminist Geography“.

The presentation was prepared within my Masters program at Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST), during the course “Environment and Behavior: applications in architecture and urban design”, and presented to Dr. Manal Abou El Ela and Dr. Heba Safey El Deen.

Tovi Fenster is a professor of geography and human environment. She teaches social and cultural geography, urban planning, gender and geography.

The reviewed text is chapter 17 of the book “A Companion to Feminist Geography”, published in 2005. The book is consists of a group of articles 39 articles by different authors, exploring the diverse literature that comprise feminist geography.

Chapter 17 is titled: Gender and the City: The Different Formations of Belonging, and it discusses citizenship, belonging, exclusion and the spatialities of gendered belonging.

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Download Pdf version: Gender & Belonging

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