I’m Mohamed M. Radwan, Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager & Lecturer in the Arab Academy For Science and Technology -and a number of other Universities; with a substantial design portfolio and an extensive experience in construction management. Experienced in the fields of Architecture Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Teaching, Writing, Graffiti and Film Editing. Focused on Design, and interested in Art, Literature, Film making & Politics.

I founded Z line Dezine Studio in 2009, and I’ve been acting as Principal Architect and managing director of Z line Dezine since then.

I am also assuming the role of Chief Architect in Show Shop Solutions, a design & build firm dedicated to Office & Retail Design.

This website is dedicated for the projects I did outside Z line Dezine, whether work I done under my own name, or through another business entities, which are currently being categorized and uploaded.

For the projects designed by Z line Dezine, visit zlinedezine.net